Fire Eating

Witness our bold and talented fire eaters swallow and manipulate real flames!


Our skilled jugglers never miss a beat. Their repertoire includes balls, clubs, knives, fire juggling or LED glow clubs/balls. 

Fire Breathing

Looking for dramatic plumes of fire to enthrall your audience? Our fire breathers provide an unforgettable performance!

Glow/LED Light Shows

Light up your night! Whether ambient or stage performances, LED dancers keep the audience captivated with a wide variety of different LED and glow apparatuses.

Fire Dancing

Fire Dancing is our passion and our specialty! We have spent years honing our skills, and provide fluid and captivating choreography with a wide array of unique fire apparatuses.


Our talented acrobats defy gravity with precise balance and seemingly effortless grace. 


Look up! Professional aerialists go above and beyond as they soar gracefully above the audience! We have options such as aerial silks (pictured) and Lyra (hanging hoop).

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